South Coast Panels & Signs

Ventura County & Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara - Kashtayit (347K JPEG)
Campus Point- Ellwood Bluffs
Santa Barbara - Campus-Pt. (354K JPEG)
Campus Point- Camino Majorca
Campus Point- Camino Pescadero
Campus Point- Coal Oil Point
Campus Point- El Embarcadero

Los Angeles County

Point Dume Paradise Cove
Point Dume- Chumash Interpretive
Abalone Cove - Vanderlip (351K JPEG)
Catalina- Emerald Bay
Point Dume - Zuma Beach
Pt. Vicente - Pelican (402K JPEG)
Abalone Cove - Lifeguard (372K JPEG)
Catalina- MSA
Point Dume - El Matador SB
Pt. Vicente City (394K JPEG)
Abalone Cove - Parking Lot (351K JPEG)
Catalina - Fishermans Cove (366K JPEG)
Point Dume - Top of Pt.Dume (393K JPEG)
Pt. Vicente- Terranea Parking Lot
Abalone Cove -Goats Trail (372K JPEG)
Point Dume - Zuma Lagoon (393K JPEG)
Pt. Vicente - VC (394K JPEG)
Redondo Beach
Point Dume - Westward Beach (393K JPEG)
Pt. Vicente- Terranea Trail Stairs
Catalina- Casino Point

Orange County

Newport - Big Corona (398K JPEG)
Dana Point Harbor
Newport - Little Corona (398K JPEG)
Orange County Sign: interpretive and regulatory language
Newport- Back Bay Science Center
Crystal Cove SMCA
Newport- OC Parks
Newport- Ocean Quest
Crystal Cove SMCA

San Diego County

Swamis North (371K JPEG)
Matlahuayl- Kumeyaay So.
SD Scripps- Birch Aquarium
South La Jolla- Law St.
Tijuana River - Refuge (604K JPEG)
Swamis - Cardif
Matlahuayl- Kumeyaay N
South La Jolla- Tourmaline
South La Jolla- Bird Rock
Tijuana Rive r- Border (604K JPEG)
Swamis- San Elijo
Matlahuayl- Spanish
South La Jolla- Bird Rock
South La Jolla- Diamond St.
Batiquitos Lagoon (334K)
Matlahuayl - North
South La Jolla- PB Point
South La Jolla- Calumet Park
Matlahuayl - Middle
San Diego- Scripps at SIO
South La Jolla- Palomar
Cabrillo (Pt. Loma)
Matlahuayl - La Jolla Shores
SD Scripps- South of SIO
South La Jolla- Loring
Famosa Slough (351K JPEG)
Alamitos Bay Marina (578K JPEG)
Catalina Island Avalon (532K JPEG)
Catalina Island Cat Harbor (516K JPEG)
Catalina Island Two Harbors (537K JPEG)
Channel Islands horizontal (1.1M JPEG)
Channel Islands vertical (885K JPEG)
Chula Vista (643K JPEG)
Dana Point Harbor
Marina Del Rey Harbor
Mission Bay (618K JPEG)
Newport Harbor
Oceanside (623K JPEG)
Port of LA (553K JPEG)
Rainbow Harbor (553K JPEG)
San Diego Shelter Island (631K JPEG)
Seal Beach (598K JPEG)
Shoreline Marina (553K JPEG)
King Harbor
Sun Harbor Marina- San Diego
Long Beach
CA Yacht Marina
Cabrillo Way Marina
Redondo Beach
Ventura Harbor Fishing Kiosk (CDFW)

Originally created by Wildcoast, “You are Here” signs are designed to orient visitors to their location in relation to an MPA’s boundaries and to inform them about its take regulations.

Los Angeles County

Point Dume SMCA (233K PDF)

Orange County

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve
Crystal Cove SMCA Morning Canyon (271K PDF)
Crystal Cove SMCA Cameo Shores (274K PDF)
Crystal Cove SMCA Evening Canyon (272K PDF)
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve- 1
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve- 2
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve-3
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve- 4

San Diego County

Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA Gabbiano Lane (391K PDF)
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA East Trail (394K PDF)
Batiquitos Lagoon SMCA Cholla Point (394K PDF)
Swamis- D Street
Swamis- Cardiff State Beach
South La Jolla- Winamar Ave.
South La Jolla- So. Bird Rock
South La Jolla- Palomar Ave
South La Jolla- North Bird Rock
South La Jolla- Loring St.
South La Jolla- Law St.
SD-Scripps Coastal- Black's Beach Rd
SD-Scripps Coastal- UCSD Scripps Inst.
Matlahuayl- UCSD Scripps Inst.
Matlahuayl- La Jolla Cove
Matlahuayl_ La Jolla Cove 2
Matlahuayl- Kellogg Park
Famosa Slough SMCA South-Trail (165K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA Mentone Street (166K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA Loop Trail (173K PDF)
Famosa Slough SMCA W Point Loma Blvd (143K PDF)
Tijuana River Mouth SMCA (157K PDF)
San Dieguito Lagoon
South La Jolla- Diamond St.
South La Jolla- Calumet Park
South La Jolla- Camino de la Costa
The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.