Outreach Toolkit

The Outreach Product section hosts a suite of resources, including brochures, signs, maps, exhibits, posters and more, all  specific to MPAs and developed by many partners across the state of California. A majority of these materials are available for immediate download or view and many can serve as templates for different regions.

Printed Materials

Several MPA printed publications, including brochures, fact sheets, maps, and posters, are available here to organizations and individuals wanting to learn more about California’s MPAs.

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Online & Mobile Resources

Here you will find web-based education and outreach tools such as online tours and mobile websites.

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Videos, Film, & Animations

A variety of multimedia products, including videos, 3-D animations, and presentations, many of which are available here for immediate viewing and/or easy download.

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Teaching & Training Materials

A variety of teaching and training materials focused on MPAs have been designed to target different audiences. Most are available for immediate viewing and download.

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Program Ideas for Your MPA

Many programs and products developed by organizations throughout the state can be adapted for other regions and MPAs. Here you will find ideas of ways to enhance education and outreach efforts statewide.

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Tribal Resources

Here you will find a variety of tribal resources focused on MPAs.

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Research Articles & Reports

Research publications focused on California’s statewide network of marine protected areas.

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Recursos Disponible en Español (Resources Available in Spanish)

Several educational materials including brochures, fact sheets, exhibit panels, and videos have been translated into Spanish.

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We are grateful to the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation for funding the MPA Education and Outreach Initiative, and to all our other contributing partners for amassing the wealth of MPA education resources found here.

The mission of the California’s Marine Protected Areas Education and Outreach Initiative is to enhance MPA education through enduring partnerships to empower Californians to protect what they know and love.