Point Sur Lightstation

Pt. Sur lighthouse is a California State Historic Park. It sits atop a dramatic volcanic rock along the Big Sur coast. Its beacon guides ships along the treacherous Central California Coast. Established in 1889, the lightstation has a colorful past including shipwrecks, ghost stories, and tales of family hardship. In 2008, its offshore waters were designated as a marine protected area.


Primary audience:
General public, teachers, kids, etc
Pt. Sur Lighstation was created to help people learn more about the history of California’s Big Sur Coast.
Produced by Mountain and Sea Productions. Directed and shot by Kip F. Evans. Script by Jenny Carless. Narrated by Dr. Steven Webster. Edited by Robyn Hutman
Limited Web and DVD distribution
Where to get it:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe4QotgcUYE

You can also request a DVD from the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation.