Visit Salt Point

Rocky promontories, panoramic views, kelp-dotted coves, and the dramatic sounds of pounding surf; open grasslands, forested hills, pristine prairies, and pygmy forests - you can experience all of these coastal wonders within Salt Point State Park.

Interesting Facts:

  • Gerstle Cove, Salt Point State ParkGerstle Cove, Salt Point State Park
    Sandstone from Salt Point was used in the construction of San Francisco's streets and buildings during the mid-1800's. If you look closely at the rocks at Gerstle Cove, you can still see eyebolts where the ships anchored while sandstone slabs were loaded onboard.
  • Tafoni are ellipsoidal, pan- to bowl-shaped, natural rock cavities. It is a natural phenomenon that is common along the sandstone near the ocean's edge at Gerstle Cove and Fisk Mill. Look for a honeycomb type network carved into the rocks forming pits, knobs, ribs, and ridges.
  • Bull kelp is an important marine habitat off the coast of Salt Point. It serves as a home to countless marine organisms including numerous species of rockfish and marine invertebrates. Bull kelp can grow up to 10 inches every day during the spring and summer months, making the water appear dark due to its thick cover!
  • Gerstle Cove State Marine Reserve within Salt Point was one of the first Underwater Parks in California.
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