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Natural Bridges SMR


Shoreline Boundary Landmarks:

Extends from the northern edge of Four-mile beach in the north to the northern edge of the beach at Natural Bridges State Beach in the south.

GPS Boundary: 

This area is bounded by the mean high tide line and a distance of 200 feet seaward of mean lower low water between the following two points:

36° 57.90' N. lat. 122° 07.65' W. long.; and
36° 57.00' N. lat. 122° 03.50' W. long.

Permitted/Prohibited Uses:

  • Recreational Fishing:
    • Allowed Species: None
    • Prohibited Species: All
  • Commercial Fishing:
    • Allowed Species: None
    • Prohibited Species: All

Effective as of: September 21, 2007

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